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Why see a therapist online?

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

After years of working in an agency and hearing clients’ excuses for missing their appointments, I’ve learned that there are many reasons why people don’t show up for therapy:

  • Career professionals or college or grad students spending long hours in the office or lab can find it difficult to break away to get to a therapy appointment. Or they may not want others to know they are seeing a therapist for fear it may hurt them professionally.

  • Caregivers – whether for small children, elderly parents, or others – have difficulty finding others to cover for them so they can take care of themselves

  • People of color and members of other non-majority groups, eg, racial/ethnic/religious/sexual/ gender-non-conforming may find it difficult to find therapists who make them feel safe. They may not want others to know they are seeking therapy if they fear it is not culturally accepted.

  • Night-owls or people who work late shifts and are up late at night and sleep late into the daytime have trouble finding therapists who fit their schedules.

  • People in the Military fear it will damage their reputation and prevent further advancement.

  • People recovering from physical illness or injury often have difficulty getting out of the house and may want to limit the times they are asking others to take them to appointments.

  • These are just some of the reasons I’ve heard for why people don’t seek therapy. And the biggest of all: Fear Of Being Judged.

If any of these are barriers for you seeking help, why not give online counseling a try? I offer flexible late evening and before-work hours, as well as traditional daytime hours, to accommodate busy people. And, because you don’t need to come to an office, your visits are completely private and discrete.

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