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Why should I go to therapy? There’s nothing WRONG with me!

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

American culture teaches us to be strong and independent and to rely on ourselves. We’re taught that no one respects a person who is “needy” or “weak”. Instead of “One For All and All For One” most Americans think and operate with a mindset of “Every Man for Himself”.

This philosophy causes so much unnecessary loneliness, pain and suffering. Rather than considering a therapist someone you go to when something is WRONG, your therapist is a neutral party who is genuinely interested in their clients and cares deeply about their success.

“I don’t need anyone telling me what to do” is another barrier for a lot of people that prevents them from seeing a therapist. This argument is based on the false idea that a therapist’s job is to instruct clients in how to live their lives. Not only is this false, it is a violation of our code of ethics.

Most of the therapists I know consider a foundational goal of their work to be helping their clients regain their own personal power. Our work (and our delight) is to walk alongside our clients as they re-empower themselves.

Another idea that prevents some people from visiting a therapist is “I don’t want anyone knowing my business.” Professional counselors are people you can talk to when you’re trying to work out complicated life decisions. When you’re struggling in a relationship and need help to sort out your feelings, we can be there to help you understand your thoughts and offer some perspective. Also, professional counselors are required by law to protect your personal information. Unlike Instagram, we keep your information completely private and we don’t judge you. We can support you when you are going through a difficult time.

Everyone has hard times, difficult decisions, or challenging relationships they need to figure out sometimes. A professional counselor will give you their undivided attention while you talk. About anything. Without judging.

Professional counselors genuinely care about and appreciate our clients. We rejoice with you when things are going well, and come alongside you when you’re struggling. Why go it alone when you can speak to someone whose whole career is about helping people feel better?

If you’re still not sure that therapy is for you, why not schedule a free consultation with me to talk it over?

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