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What is Telehealth and Why Try It?

Telehealth services available all across New Jersey.

What is Telehealth and why should I try it?  There are many advantages to seeing your therapist online, and they begin with convenience.  Seeing your therapist online means being able to have your session in the privacy of your home or office, where you control the environment to support your own comfort.  It means not having to drive in inclement weather, or when you're just too tired from the day to make the drive.  It means relaxing in your own home or office at the end of the day, and not having to rush through traffic to get dinner on the table, only to have to rush out again for your therapy appointment. It means privacy - not worrying whether someone you know will see you entering or leaving a therapist's office.  It means not having to miss an appointment when you, you partner or child, etc, gets sick and you have to stay home to care for them. 


You may be able to continue therapy while recovering from illness or injury, experiencing temporary (or permanent) mobility issues, or acting as primary caregiver for someone who is housebound.  Maybe telehealth means you get up in the morning and grab your cup of tea or coffee and have your therapy session in your PJs, before heading off to work, feeling uplifted and encouraged.  ​

Here are some factors to consider to determine if online therapy is a good fit for you. Do you have access to a quiet, private space where you can be undisturbed during your session? If not, earbuds or headphones can help to mitigate this. Do you have good wifi? You will want to be connected to a reliable, secure wifi connection during your session, and have all other streaming services turned off, to avoid signal interruptions. 


Are you at risk for suicide, overdose, or self-injurious behaviors?  You will need to have an ongoing conversation with your therapist about a well-developed Safety Plan to see if telehealth is a safe option for you.  Your therapist will need to have contact information for your support team and local emergency   Are there physical mannerisms or tics that the therapist will miss because of only seeing your upper body in the video?  You may need to be seated further from the camera so your therapist can view you in full. These are important to consider in evaluating how to make online therapy work for you.

If the thought of being able to see a therapist online is appealing to you, contact me at (609) 510-4309 or

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