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About Therapy

How we have been treated in the past
is not
Who We Are!

The idea of seeing a counselor/therapist can seem scary for some people, especially if you have a difficult time trusting a stranger with your private thoughts and emotions.  This can be especially challenging when you have tried therapy before and felt you didn't connect with your therapist, or that they didn't "see" you.  Finding the right therapist can feel like an uphill battle!  (See my blog post about bad therapy experiencesGive me a chance.  I offer a Free Brief Consultation so you can meet me and ask any questions you have before you decide to sign up for therapy.

Long and steep staircase in Estoril, Portugal

“As adults, we still want what we didn’t receive as children, and we want it in the form we didn’t receive it in: another person who loves and cherishes us, someone who is completely responsible for our well-being.” Genene Roth

Check out my Blog post on why you should ask for an initial consultation with a therapist.  I would love to help you silence the Inner Critic and find emotional Freedom, as I did.  Please  call, email, or click to my Scheduler to arrange your free consultation. 

No Surprise Act Law goes into effect 1/1/2022.  We want to be transparent about our fees and provide you with a good faith estimate.  See attached document for all of our fees so you can make an informed choice.

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