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What’s up with all this Mindfulness talk?

Everywhere you turn these days you hear someone talking about Mindfulness. It’s become such a buzz word. I sometimes hear clients groan when I bring up Mindfulness practice…” Oh, not that Mindfulness stuff again!”. Is that how you feel?

In the context of psychology and the counseling office the practice of Mindfulness is about Observing…Noticing…Being Aware. Meditation is one way of practicing Mindfulness, but definitely not the only way.

The purpose of becoming more aware of our Thoughts, our Emotions, and our Behaviors is that it gives us options, choices. When we notice that “Every time I hear that song, I get a knot in my stomach,” it becomes valuable information. We can then think about how we would *like* to react when we hear that song, and make changes that support our wellbeing.

What about you? When you think about it, are there automatic thoughts, emotions, or behaviors that you wish you would stop? Would you like to be free from reacting automatically? This is what mindfulness practice can do for you. The regular practice of Mindfulness brings these things to our attention. Then, the next time we notice one of those automatic thoughts, emotions, or behaviors we have the option to interrupt the pattern and choose differently.

This does not mean that catching myself before I curse at the guy who cut me off on the highway that I will never have that reaction again. But with repeated practice, I can definitely reduce the likelihood, or eventually stop reacting altogether.

If you’d like to know more about his, please give me a call or reach out by email.

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