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Counseling for Resilience

Let go of Anxiety, Stress, and Trauma

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Have you ever found yourself saying or doing something when frustrated, angry, or afraid, then thinking: “Why did I do/say that?!  That’s not me!”


I specialize in C-PTSD, helping adults heal from unresolved childhood trauma... helping them make sense of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that result from a dysfunctional or traumatic childhood, and together we identify tools and skills to help you feel hopeful, empowered, and in control of your life.


We will explore the source of triggers that cause you to react in ways that are ineffective, and find creative alternatives to encourage and empower you. I always encourage my clients to utilize trauma-informed yoga as part of their healing process.


I specialize in the treatment of adult survivors of childhood trauma. You will find it fascinating to realize how many of your automatic behaviors are survival strategies that you developed as a child. You will explore your “trains of thought” and learn how you can switch tracks and feel safer, happier, and more in control of your life.

I know what it is to be overwhelmed by anxiety, to allow it to fill my brain with swirling, negative thoughts and judgments. I found my way to healing and I can help you to do the same. You deserve to have peace. You deserve to believe in yourself and like yourself. I offer Telehealth to all of New Jersey and Florida. Call or email for a free consultation.

Lina Lewis-Arévalo, LPC, psychotherapist, mental health counselor, trauma therapist, healer, non-judgmental

Telehealth appointments available Sunday - Thursday (NJ & PA)
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